Law Enforcement, Surveillance and Communities: How Far is Too Far?
By BodyWorn Team on May 13, 2022

Technology is not just changing the way the world works. It's also providing new ways for law enforcement to approach surveillance. Gone are the days when police may record a situation just...

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Utility: Creating Space for Growth
By BodyWorn Team on May 3, 2022

The Utility Brand is getting a FaceliftSame Innovation with a New Look! Utility's Marketing and Creative Director, Kristen Jaynes, shares key elements of Utility's upcoming Rebrand during...

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Three Examples from 2022 That Show the Power of Body Cameras
By BodyWorn Team on April 25, 2022

The Power of Body Cameras in 2022Body cameras are designed for way more than just filming footage. Their capabilities increase officer connectivity and enhance a police department’s...

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Body Camera Regulations: The Struggle for Standard Legislation
By BodyWorn Team on April 18, 2022

Law enforcement uses footage from body cameras to document statements, behavior,evidence, and most importantly to demonstrate transparency throughout communities.policies concerning...

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